First Post!

After what seems like decades of procrastination, I’ve finally got this site off the ground. Hopefully I’ll make good use of it. I plan to write about whatever floats between my ears and maybe show off some experiments with learning D3 and R. Fingers crossed.

On Wednesday, I’m giving a brief talk on using Chrome Dev Tools to write and edit CSS to the St. Louis WordPress Meetup group. The group is made up of a diverse selection of people with different experience levels, but I’ll try to make it interesting for all involved.

At work I’m building a Phonegap app. It’s given me a nice opportunity to check out some Javascript frameworks. I initially went with Knockout.js because it was pretty easy to pick up and the documentation is great. The more I get into it, the more I’m disappointed by what I consider excessive declarative markup, which seems to defeat the purpose of unobtrusive JS. Maybe I’ll check out Angular.js, though it seems like Ember is the flavor of the month.

Edit: Soon after I display my ignorance regarding unobtrusive binding in Knockout, I come across this in the documentation:


Enough rambling for now.