Current Toolset

A lot of people are curious about what tools I used to build sites and applications, here’s my list:

  • Sublime Text (with the Phoenix theme in dark green) for small or personal projects.
  • IntelliJ for large projects.
  • Chrome Dev Tools for debugging.
  • Sass with Bourbon and Neat for CSS and responsive design.
  • jQuery, Lo-dash, Ractive.js for client-side Javascripting, though I’m trying to minimize my use of jQuery and just work with the raw DOM. Hard to live without $.ajax() though.
  • Angular.js for large client-side apps.
  • Node.js and Express for building APIs.
  • Gulp, Babel, and BrowserSync, for creating builds and testing.
  • WordPress for CMS development. I don’t do a whole lot with PHP these days, but WordPress is still hard to beat. It is a big target for hackers to be sure, so you need to always be on top of updates and security (as you should with anything, really) but it has an incredible community and ecosystem. I am keeping an eye on Keystone.js though… it looks promising but is still very early in development.
  • Balsamiq for wireframing.
  • Affinity Designer for web design. I love the folks at Affinity. It’s so nice to not have to deal with slow, bloated, and overpriced Adobe apps since they came on to the scene.

I’m always evaluating new tools and tweaking my workflows, though. If you have any suggestions drop me a line!